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Pyxis selects Odoo and OpenSur

03/28/2016 13:58:43   en News  
odoo, opensur, pyxis, billing, ebilling, accounting, contracts
Pyxis is a IT solution services company, will optimize its management and billing processes, through the implementation of Odoo.

Human Resources Complete Solution

09/20/2015 17:06:24   en News  
opensur, odoo, human resources, human capital, software
Complete suite of modules to manage your Human Capital with Odoo

The Odoo Revolution

06/28/2015 23:38:25   en Odoo  
opensur,odoo,strategy,erp,crm,customer centric
Odoo is customer centric. Modern companies are not accounting centric, are customer centric.

Uruguay Catholic University selects Odoo

06/23/2015 00:15:51   en News  
odoo, opensur, crm, education, customer support, communications, promotions, admissions
Selects Odoo y OpenSur. Project goals to improve communications, admissions and students support processes. Fase 1 implemented CRM modules and interfaces with existing applications.

How to stay on top of e-commerce with no monetary pain

05/08/2015 18:26:34   en Odoo  
OpenSur,Odoo,eCommerce,Top trends 2015
Trends in e-commerce design are a real thing that can't be overlooked.

How to create great customer surveys

03/17/2015 23:25:01   en Odoo  
Get to know your customers better and improve your strategy

WTC Free Zone starts CRM implementation

03/06/2015 13:27:53   en News  
opensur, odoo, clients, WTC Free Zone
WTC Free Zone selects OpenSur and Odoo CRM and collaborative work support

In-house accounting: the pros and the cons

01/23/2015 10:24:23   en Odoo  
OpenSur, Accounting, Outsourcing, Strategy, Odoo
Pros y cons discussion over outsource accounting or hire a full time accountant

Why better customer service can make the difference

01/08/2015 23:12:28   en Odoo  
Odoo,OpenSur,Customer satisfaction,CRM,recommendations
Tips and skills that will improve your customers' satisfaction

OpenSur New offices

12/27/2014 23:22:57   en News  
opensur, offices, software factory
More comfortable, more space to grow and evolve our software factory, better welcome our guests.

How to interview experienced candidates

12/19/2014 16:39:54   en Odoo  
OpenSur, HR, Recruiting, Recommendations, Odoo
5 Dos and Don'ts during an interview

How a well managed inventory increase your customer satisfaction

11/27/2014 16:30:37   en Odoo  
opensur, odoo, stock
Basic concepts and some ideas to optimize your inventory management

Five things to know to prepare for future eCommerce

11/20/2014 12:05:03   en Odoo  
opensur, odoo, ecommerce, future, tendencias, futuro
Algunas tendencias e innovaciones en eCommerce a considerar para evaluar su estrategia

Organize great events without no pain

11/14/2014 12:31:19   en Odoo  
Tips on how to organize events successfully, use Odoo Events and Projects modules

Increase your popularity using newsletters

11/05/2014 12:06:07   en Odoo  
opensur, odoo
Use digital marketing to increase your company precense and power sales

Estudio Ingeniería Ambiental

10/17/2014 09:52:25   en Success Cases  
opensur, odoo, success
Successfully implements first phase of project management solution

How to design a perfect survey

10/05/2014 02:11:00   en Odoo  
OpenSur, Odoo, Encuestas
Diseñe, publique encuestas y analice los resultados

Optimize your supply chain and inventory management

10/05/2014 02:09:48   en Odoo  
OpenSur, Odoo, Inventory
Using double entry system

Odoo completes its Open Source Business Software beyond ERP into Digital Marketing

10/05/2014 02:05:15   en News  
opensur, odoo 8, open source
Odoo completes its Open Source Business Software beyond ERP into Digital Marketing

Grow your business through inbound marketing 1/4

10/05/2014 01:28:04   en Odoo  
OpenSur, Odoo, Inbound Marketing
Introducción al inbound marketing