Payroll for Uruguay

Complete HR Solution


Payroll for Uruguay with Odoo

We created Uruguayan regulations to Odoo Payroll module, which allow us to offer an opensource payroll completely native integration to all Odoo modules, simplifying implementation of the complete process.

Powerful payroll engine

Customizable rules for specific needs
Support for temporay data (e.g. contract changes)
Contribution registers (BPS, DGI, etc.)
Retroactivity, reimbursments, meal vouchers, etc.

Fully Integrated

Native integration, no need for complex interfaces.
Integrated with Personnel admin, Holidays, Expenses, Contracts, Absences and Accounting modules.

Flexible and Smart

Single and batch payroll run
Flexible and easy payroll groups definition
Support for multiple contracts for each employee, and multiple companies.

Multiple Countries

Very easy to adapt to different countries: Fully customizable rules, add fields for contracts and employees.

Uruguayan Regulations

Base payroll, semestral and holidays payment.
Patronal and personal taxes, IRPF witholding, BPS categories, etc.

Use local or in the cloud

Ability to work under traditional schema or hosted in a public or private cloud.