Atract customers

Key modules to support business process

Mass Mailing


Import contacts databases, or filter leads, customers and / or existing opportunities, create mail lists with target audience.

Design attractive emails with content designer tool, send mails to targeted audience (in a click).

Organize emails marketing campaigns, track each campaign, analysis of emails sent, open and answered.

Automatically generate leads to assign sales team from answered emails.

Keep a clean leads database, sorting by campaigns.


Design questions, response types and presentation of each survey.

Send link to the target audience by mail.

Get statistics on answers for each question

Customer segmentation based on survey responses.

Blog Posts


Create blogs and post articles using the content designer tools.

Classify them with tags, support for multiple languages.

Ability to enable live chat with website visitors

Allow visitors to make general comments, by text line and tweet content selection

Integration with social networks, enabling visitors to subscribe

Integration with Google Analytics, promotions to optimize search engine

Different profiles: Website designer, content creator, publication approver

Events management


Design pages to promote an event, schedule and configure its features.

Receive online registration, sale online tickets through eCommerce module, apply special conditions (early registration, partners, etc)

Promote with mass maililing, integration with social networks and search engines.

Manage talks proposals, validate, select and schedule them in an event. 

Frontend and backend unified, easily integrate structured data and unstructured content.

Manage event agenda and support for mutliple tracks. Publish agenda and filter talks by tags, location and speakers.

Manage Sponsors, publish them by levels (eg gold, silver, bronze), sell sponsorship packages online.

Social Network Integration


Get business contacts directly from Linkedin

Post blog content to Linkedin, Twitter, Facebook, Google+ and YouTube their blogs, promotional items, surveys and pages.

Use twiter roller to display dynamically tweets from your company, facilitate your visitiors to retweet blog contents.

eMail integration and automation.

Forums, Q&A, discussions


Create your own discussion forums integrated directly on the website.

Use a scoring system to motivate contributors

Having a structured forum for questions and answers, is a simple way to quickly provide accurate information to visitors