Tools to Boost your productivity

in several fronts



Promote engagement through techniques of "gamification".

Define challenges, goals and awards. 

Assign goals in alignment with the strategy of the company.

Provide real-time feedback and tangible results.

Recognize the best performers against the team and recognize a job well done.

Information analysis


Possibility of on-line analysis of operational information, grouping and crossing several dimensions, selecting and combining several metrics: relating to hours, billing, collection, etc.

Charts and dynamic filters, ability to export information to Excel and graphics images for reporting.

Notifications and Tasks Inbox


Inbox with notifications and tasks from events on documents to which users are subscribed.

Notifications discussion groups postings and lists to which user are subscribed.

Historical archive for queries.

Shared calendar


View calendar of all team members, filtering by several fields.

Google Calendar integration.

Organize meetings directly from the application.

To do Lists


No more forgetting, keep your To do list, organized by priority, urgency, stage and topic.

Organize by context: office, personal, etc.

Friendly graphical view, drag and mark when tasks are completed.



Collaborative work


Collaborate by sharing document creation/edition, 

Chat in real time among team members

Discussion groups creation and subscription.

Monitor and get notified of events occurring on documents and related system information (opportunities, invoices, employees, contracts, etc)

Document management


Remove paper, ability to store and attach scanned documents, associated with information elements like: employees, customers, suppliers, projects, tasks, invoices, requests for absences, etc.


Integration with Legacy applications

Easily integrate with existing applications.

ALL functions are available as web-services, applying the same validations and access security defined for each component.