Optimize your company operations

key modules to support your business processes

Sales and Billing


Point of Sale compatible with tablets, cash drawers standard models, receipt printers and barcode readers

Sales orders record, invoices, credit notes, payment receipts. Approval process. Send invoices by mail.

Billing from sales orders, delivery orders, contracts and hours record. Define recurring billing.

invoice print and electronic billing for Uruguayan regulations

Track collections and automatic posting to accounting

Analytical reports on sales, billing and debt 

Supply chain

Register vendor information and import price lists.
Enter purchase requisitions, launch requests for quotations and record responses.
Track purchase orders, reception control of materials and vendor invoices.
Purchasing Performance analysis


Inventory and Logistics


Double entry inventory management scheme , nothing is lost, everything moves, giving full traceability.

Stock management owned and not owned in internal and external locations, customers, suppliers and manufacturing areas. Hierarchical scheme of locations and multiple deposits.

Support for several storage and picking strategies (FIFO, LIFO, FEFO), several valuation methods supported.

Support for lots, serial numbers and expiration dates. Minimum stock and reorder points. Adjustments and physical count.

Specific user interface for mobile devices (tablets) and barcode readers

Automatic posting to accounting. Analytical reports

Optimize your inventory management using accounting principle with Odoo

Fleet management


Manage all company vehicles, contracts registration and due alerts

Assign vehicles to employees, tracking odometer and fuel consumption.

Follow life cycle in all its stages: purchasing, maintenance and resale.

Manage maintenance services, vehicle costs. Analytical reports.



Define bill of materials, plan and track production orders. Ability to generate production orders automatically from demand. Support for multi-level routing and optional bill of materials versions 

Resource planning, identifying bottlenecks to ensure deadline compliance.

Monitor inventory valuation evolution during production process.

Automatic posting to accounting and analytical reports. 



Accounting, Banks and Fixed Assets

Automatic posting to accounting of all transactions generated in all modules. Support for multiple companies and multiple currencies.

Manual journal entries, recurring entries based on templates.

Cash register, automatic and manual bank reconciliation.  

Fixed asset inventory, support for several depreciation methods.

General Accounting and multi-level analytical accounting.

Legal, general and flexible online analytical reports.