Increase Sales

Key modules to support the process

Customer Relationship Management (CRM)


Comprehensive view of Customer Information.

Organize sales force and configure sales process lifecycle.

Manage leads, opportunities, collaborative agenda, online analytical information.

Integrate email, google calendar and social networking.

Motive team using gamification techniques.

On-line Sales


Unified with billing, inventory and accounting modules, without need of any integration..

Customizable by marketing team (no technical skills needed), promotions, prices, a page to promote each product.

Pages are mobile responsive automatically

Provides suggested products, multi-language, social network integration

Control product pages search engine optimization

Integrated to Google Analytics to analyze visitors behavior to optimize your website

Manage resellers network, Get a clean check-out process.

Point of Sale


User friendly design, tablets and traditional schema support.

Works connected and disconnected (network interrupted)

Compatible with existing hardware: printers, balances, bar code readers.

Unified with inventory, billing and accounting modules.

Supports "Self-checkout" model

Fidelity cards, discounts, several payment methods and cash control.


On-Line Proposals


Use templates with a professional design.

Send your proposals by mail, allow customer to comment, discuss, accept and sign on-line.

Follow up customer feedback and answer in provide agile responses.

Recommend "similar" products.

Customer support


Ensure to manage customer complaints and inquiries, enhance cross-selling, interact directly (possibility to chat) with your customer until claim resolution.

Control response times and get statistics.