Strong Internet Presence

Key modules to ensure your on-line presence

Website creation

No technical knowledge needed, on-line edition, very simply using building blocks..
Non structured content presented on the web is transparently integrated with management information, no interfaces needed between frontend and backend.
Ability to select from pre-built styles or create your own designs and components.  Mobile version automatically and instantly.
Tools to promote pages in search engines, no configuration needed.
Google Analytics tracking by default.
Multi-language easily, only one website version maintained, translating texts into different languages
Out of the box integration with social networks: Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Linkedin.


On-Line Sales


Unified with billing, inventory and accounting modules. No interfaces required.

Customizable by marketing personnel (non-technical), promotions, pricing, promotion page for each product..

Pages available for mobile devices automatically

Provides suggested products, multi-language, social networks integration

Promote in search engines to increase website visitors

Google Analytics integration to analyze visitors behavior in your website

Manage reseller network, a clean and agile check-out process.

Blogs and News


Create blogs and post articles using content design tools

Classify them with tags, support for multiple languages

Ability to enable live chat with visitors

Allow visitors to make general comments, online and tweet content selection

Integration with social networks, enabling visitors subscriptions

Integration with Google Analytics, promotion to optimize search engine

Several profiles: Site designer, content creator, publish approver

Google Analytics and search engine optimization

Sales "funnel" visibility, configure Google Analytics to track all events on the website

All marketing modules (mass mail campaigns, etc.) are integrated into Google Analytics to get a 360º view of your business.

Tools for Search Engine optimization, submit without development or configuration, associated searched keywords are suggested.