We Implement fully integrated business solutions

with functional coverage to support all your business process improvement

Atract Customers

Features to improve your business marketing actions:

EMail Campaigns, Polls, Chat, Automatic registration of initiatives, 

Campaign Tracking and Events organization

Q & A Forums, Blogs.

Increase sales


Capabilities to organize and optimize sales process.

Manage sales teams, territories and sales pipeline.

Customer Relationship Management (CRM), online quotes and proposals

Point of Sale.

Optimize operations


Billing, Accounting, Supplier Payment, Purchasing, Inventory, Fleet Management, Manufacturing functionality.

Project Management, Risk Tracking and Expense.

Manage Human Capital

Functionality to manage and monitor the selection process

Manage employees information

Attendance records, timesheet, absences and holiday management.

Performance evaluation, expenses registration and approval.

Increase productivity through collaborative work, notifications, corporate social network, gamification and challenges.

Boost Productivity


On-Line analytics, to facilitate decision-making.

Collaborative work tools, task management, discussions, shared calendar and knowledge management.

Ability to integrate with legacy applications

eCommerce and Internet Presence


Tools for creating your online presence in minutes, including automatic responsive mobile version. 

What You See Is What You Get design tools, use your own styles.

Internet sales. No sync needed !!!, ALL application modules are unified (accounting, stock, catalog, sales)

Pages promotion in search engines, easy support for multi-language sites. 

Manage Projects

Manage tasks, incidents and resource planning

Contract management, service levels planned and executed.

Timesheets and expenses registration and approval.

Document management.

Facilitate collaboration among team members