Account allocations

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Odoo Version: 7.0 + 8.0

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Define, test, execute and schedule allocations

Our goal was to build a generic allocation engine, that takes sources (moves or analytic lines), apply filters, calculate distribution criteria (or use fixed) and generate new moves or analytic lines with the resulting allocation. 
Support for versions 7 and 8. Easy to configure and use, flexible, robust and with high performance 

Define information sources to base to calculate your allocations, applying defined filters over any field of source model: Move lines or Analytic lines. 
Filters can be created using standard Odoo search views or by specifying a domain expression (advanced users). 
Test filter and sources results to validate correct information will be used for allocations

Criterias calculate allocation percentages to apply, criteria can be fixed (a list of percentages to apply for each key) or dynamically calculated based on a specific field. 
Filters can be applied and group by fields selected to group criteria results, model can be: Analytic lines or Move lines

Allocations define an information distribution, use one or more sources and one criteria to apply. Allocation from Move lines to move lines or from Analytic lines to analytic lines are supported in this version. 
Can support multi-companies (to allocate information across companies). Generate new moves and analytic lines according allocation type. 
Allocation batchs allow to define a sequence of allocations that can be executed in order.

Single or batch allocations can be executed using allocation runs, take run parameters (company and account period) 
Allow to track execution state and allocation run results, can be re-executed deleting results from previous run. 
An allocation run generates two moves (always in draft state):

  • Reversal move with reversal of lines to be allocated
  • A move with allocation lines

It always keeps info of source allocation run and never modify source moves

Allocation runs can be scheduled to run automatically every certain period. 
Frequency can be defined in (mins, hours, days, weeks, 2 weeks, months, 2 months, semesters and years), also run monthly in a specific day is supported. 
Company is defined as a parameter and account period to use is related to run date. 
It always keep track of movements or analytic lines generated by allocation run