Balanced Scorecard

Odoo Version: 8.0

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Balanced Scorecard

Define your strategy plan, and follow up its execution

A strategic tool in your hands, based on Kaplan and Norton concepts, integrated in Odoo with friendly design. 
This module is generic, designed to be base module for future developments where Scorecards can be defined for different type of organizations (e.g: Services, Manufacturing, etc.) 
Define indicators
Indicators are the base to measure objectives accomplishment, values can be set manually or automatically updated with certain frequency and supported calculation methods are: SQL Query, Python code and ORM Model. 
Status and tendency semaphores can be used to show current status and variations, among % and speed. 
Historic values are tracked and can be analyzed in a graph, a semaphore can be associated to show status graphically.


Define Semaphores

Semaphores are graphic helpers that can be associated to indicators and objectives. 
A sempahore define value ranges that will be associated to a graphic icon, a color and a score. 
Based on current score and associated semaphore, an objective or an indicator will show an icon.


Strategic objectives

Strategic objectives will be part of the strategic plan, and related to a specific perspective (e.g: Financial, Customer, Process, Capacity, etc.). Responsible person, priority and semaphore will be assigned. 
A list of related Key performance indicators will be defined, each one with a target value and a specific weight, to measure objective accomplishment. Based on evaluation criteria, objective score will be defined, supported criteria: weighted average, simple average, minimum, maximum.

Strategic initiatives can be assigned to an objective, these will be related to projects and tasks, assign a responsible and priority, and follow up status. 
Cause and Effect relations with other objectives can be established, and reviewed in strategic map. Supports social net log to allow collaborative work. 
Objective related indicators can be monitored in value and tendency, using: target, value, % variation, speed, distance to target and score.

Strategic plan

A Strategic plan is the main unit to plan and follow up strategy execution, is related to a strategy, and can be associated with an organization area (supporting parent/child strategic plans in the organization) 
It supports definition of levels (Corporate, country, unit, project) and set of perspectives to be used. 
A strategic plan includes objectives to be defined and measured, and supports social net log to allow collaborative work.


Strategic map

Based on objectives defined and cause/effects relations, a strategic map is presented. 
Objectives are represented as circles, in color based in status semaphore definition, with arrows showing causal relations 
Also presents perspectives, allowing user to drag move objectives and save positions for future presentations. Double click edits objective definition.