HR Attendance Pro

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Attendance Pro

Attendance pro is an Odoo module created to support complex attendance reality, having flexibility as a key aspect of design. 

Fully integrated with HR Odoo modules: Administration and Vacations. Can assign work schedules and holiday calendars for employees using effective dates, check approved vacations and send results to Payroll.

Based in flexible configurable evaluation rules to process time marks, changes in business logic can be rapidly supported.

Define business rules, Get time marks, Process, Review & Approve, Integrate to Payroll (if payroll integration module installed)

Depends on standard HR Odoo module

Time marks

Consolidate all time marks from clocks, ability to approve and edit for specific roles. Configurable mark types and relation to actions.


Select period, filter by department, positions or specific employees for all or a group of rules. All time records are created from time marks and flexible rules applied to detect events. 

Time Records

Created from time marks, review time marks and events by employee, approval process, reprocess individually if needed.


Applying business rules to time records create events, classified in configurable types. ex: late entrance, unauthorized abscence, etc. Events can be reviewed and approval process is provided.


Schedules define work times and effort for employees, can be assigned to an employee using effective dates. Support for fixed, flexible or mixed schemas. Late tolerances supported.

Holiday calendars

Holdiays can be defined as fixed dates or yearly repeating, grouped in calendars, one or several can be assigned to employees using effective date.

Dynamic periods

Can be configured dinamically and used to query information in rules processing, a period can be absolute or relative using a base date. Period examples: Current month, current year to date, last year, etc.

Flexible Rules Engine

Rules are the key elements to process time marks, it allows flexibility and adapt to changing needs. Can be written in python and several variables and methods are available to simplify processing.


All HR Modules information is available, particularly built in methods to get authorized vacations in rules evaluation. See specific Payroll integration module.

Self service

Employees can access to check their time marks and time record events. Social communications functionality is enabled to allow interactions with HR department.

Special Calendar events

Certain planned events can have impact on attendance, events detected in time records can be related to general planned events. ex: company event, strike, etc.

Analyze history

Graph and pivot views are available to analyze history attendance data for employees, positions, departments, etc.