HR Career plans

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Career plans management

Career plans module has the goal to support development planning and follow-up process. Was designed with focus in simplificity, flexibility, integration and ease of use.

Career plan

Allos to define career plans long term based, easing follow-up by defining stages, each stage has a goal position, a timeframe (ex: 6 months to 1 year) and a set of related goals.


Support definition of generic career plans (plan, stages, timeframe and related goals), specific career plan can be created based on defined templates, allowing to save effort.


A career plan is defined using a sequence of stages, each stage is defined by a goal position and a set of goals to accomplish. Follow-up related objectives allows to monitor stage completion process.


Goals have to be reviewed to monitor accomplishment, system alerts responsibles of plan follow-up that a review  has to be performed on a career plan.


Each career plan stage has a related set of goals, career plan follow-up is executed by monitoring goals acocmplishment. For more information set also: Goals management module.

Future positions

Query for future positions that are considered in career plans is provided, also considering planned timeframes for stages for employees to be prepared to occupy those positions.

Flexible timeframes

Each stage has a configurable generic timeframe, an example: from 6 months to 2 years. In this way each stage has its flexible related timeframe.


To facilitate career plan and stages preparation and discussion, Odoo collaborative work features are enabled. 


Based on a target position for a stage, obtains target competencies and courses that employee needs to accomplish.

                                              See also  Goals Management module