HR Competency Mgmt

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Competency Management

We have developed this module to support competency management process in organizations, it supports employees and external candidates. Includes demo data with a catalog of competencies that can be used to accelerate competency strategy definition.


Classified in: Types, categories, groups.         Description, performance criteria and field of application.

Evaluation models

Can be associated to each competency, based in value lists, comply/not comply or percentages. Each value has a related score for matching process.

Employees and Positions

Employees competencies and evaluations. Competencies and/or profiles required to fit in a specific position.


List of competencies that define a profile, with priority and minimum level required to fit the profile.   

Matching & ranking

Ranking of employees/external candidates to cover a position or profile. Positions or profiles with highest fit for an employee or external candidate.


Search employees or external candidates with certain evaluation score for selected competencies.


Competencies evaluation process for each employee or external candidate.
Evaluation approval process.

Demo catalog

Includes a set of example competencies, which can accelerate definition of strategic competencies for the organization.

Internal & External candidates

Supports evaluation and comparison for employees and external candidates.

Competencies analysis

Evaluate competencies for employees against current job. Detect strong and weak competencies in the organization

See also:  Competency evaluation

Evaluate competencies from evaluation survey forms, create survey templates automatically from positions or selected profiles.