HR Training

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Training Management

We developed this module to support the complete training process, also we have two complementary modules to manage training budget and to integrate training and competency management.

Course catalog

Category/subcategory, internal/external, delivery methods, course types classification. Course prerrequisites and required equipment.

Training program

Training programs can be assigned by default to a job, or to be specified for each employee. Program execution progress can be tracked.

Sessions calendar

Courses can be managed using training sessions, check sessions calendar, internal courses can be published and manage registration using events.

Training requests

Approval process can be followed, for a group of employees by department or job, or to one or more specificied employees. Training requests can be assigned to budget lines and track execution of the training request.


Session registration process supports requests, waiting list, confirmation and cancellations. 
Assign a registration to a training request to follow up execution. 
Notify of process events to involved people.

Competency Management

Using  training and competencies module, prerrequisite and target competencies can be established for a course, participants evaluation, assign target competencies, check courses to cover organizational competency gap.

Training Budget

By using training budget module, a budget can be defined by area, create revisions, follow up execution and control availability.