RRHH Contracts Pro

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Contracts Management

We developed this module with the goal of covering requirements related to contract creation and reuse, as well as adjustments dynamics after sign off. It extends Odoo standard contracts module and integrates completely with Odoo HR Suite.


Define contract templates, using sections, clauses ordered for a specific template.
Assign contracts to defined templates.


Organize contract chapters into sections and assign clauses to each section.


Define content and title, support for versiones, state and approval process. Social network features to document discussions over a specific clause.

Parameters and Formulas

Define variables, update and query values history. Define adjustment formulas based on defined variables.

Automatic adjustments

Define dynamic periods that can be used in formulas. Establish update frequency for contracts.

Adjustement plan

Assign a template, adjustment formula and period for a contract or define a customized adjustment plan.

Printer formats

Print contract or template, based on defined information, including information fields from contract.


Content and titles for sections an clauses support multi-language.

Information fields

Support include any information field from contract, example: Customer Name, Sign date, etc.