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AIM Communications were using a few non-integrated solutions which were causing unnecessary overheads. We wanted a flexible system that could handle our normal ERP needs and well as our specific requirements as Telstra dealers and technology implementers and servicers. Odoo, with the help of WillowIT, gave us the system we needed and the flexibility to expand.

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1. Australian company reaps the benefits of open - source solutions that Odoo brings AIM Communications is no longer held back by limited closed - source vertical solutions and is now reaping the benefits of open - source solutions that O doo brings. AIM Communications, located in Brisbane (AU), provides expert consultancy and support in the communication and IT systems sectors since 2004. Their portfolio of products and services is quite large, going from phone systems, mobile phones to d ata networks and IT solutions.

3. The Solutions Before an Odoo implementation, a Business Analysis is always completed. In this situation, WillowIT advised Aim Communi cation to implement specific modules of Odoo: Invoicing, Accounting, Stock & Warehouse, Sales, Purchasing, Project, Recruitment. WillowIT did some customed developements in order to handle the management of orders and stock from point of entry at CRM thr ough sales order entry and job scheduling, stock allocation and customer invoicing. The partner also adapted and extended Odoo’s existing bank reconciliation facilities to handle Telstra’s complex mobile phone contracts. We can use Odoo’s integrated email facilities to keep customers informed. We implemented standard Odoo stock and warehouse management and the standard Odoo finances.

4. AIM Communications Success Story Now we have a full visibility and control of jobs from order entry through technician scheduling, stock management and invoi ce generation. There's a better management and reconciliation of Telstra phone contracts. Our finances are now fully integrated with sales, purchasing and job costing. The stock management has been vastly improved and tracked. Customer communication is imp roved through automated emails at critical points in a job. Now we can implement integrated customer portal. Thanks to the custom developments made by WillowIT, it leveraged Odoo's existing features to give a near 100% software that fits in critical area of the business!

2. WillowIT, our Australian Partner accepted the challenge to replace AIM Communication's existing accounting system (MYOB), the Excel sheets and the Industry specific verticals . Bredan Erofeev, the Network Engineer, tells us their Odoo story. The Challenges It's difficult to find a systems that would cover all aspects of the company as well as the specific requirements for our ind ustry. We found no vertical software packages that could exactly fit to our requirements. Also, the existing systems needed to be augmented by excel spreadsheets which brings a lot of manual processes and is limited in terms of management access. We n eeded the flexibility to develop some aspects of a new system ourselves as we knew our business best.


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