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1.       Odoo For Manufacturing Company The Company The UK based Auto part manufacturing company, having main business of manufacturing automobile parts; their major activities include continuous manufacturing of parts on order or off order for stock. The Challenge The client want to have a system which can help them in monitoring their entire manufacturing process, facilitate them for quality control, inventory monitoring, manage third party part processing and advance reporting in case of any call backs or defects.Company had a legacy built system in place which is no longer able to adopt new changes required.The major requirements were as followed: • Manufacturing Process Streamlining • FIFO / LIFO Based Processing • Quality Control Process • Third Party Part Processing • Inventory Monitoring • Automated Alert for Stock Levels • Advance Reporting • Cost Monitoring • Data migration from Legacy System

2. The Solution OpenERP/Odoo implementation using core addons and some custom developed module a solution wa s created providing following functionalities.• With major changes in OpenERP/Odoo .MRP module facilitate in streamlining requirements like third party part processing, quality control and part tracking. • Customization in inventory and stock management ha ve been done to achieve FIFO and LIFO based processing • Various reports showing current manufacturing orders helped in better inventory planning • Purchase management customization have been done to met specific purchase process • Inventory reporting base d on various parameters showing past, current and future inventory levels • Part number tracking using barcode system made available to track part throughout production cycle • Material Reservation facility was developed to have a reserved material for mor e important production orders. • TerminatOOR Kettle connector was used to migrate data from legacy system to OpenERP/Odoo The Result After implementation of OpenERP/Odoo and desired functionality, Client is now able to track parts in almost at any level of production and in inventory. Material and inventory planning is giving them the edge they need to overcome from old system and do production more efficiently. Reporting as per their parameters is a really become a handy tool for company to take any deci sions related to purchase and manufacturing.


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