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2. What solution was delivered? We mostly use CRM and invoice register. We can now encode all our contacts, how we met them (we don’t buy data banks), whether they are clients, prospects, journalists, politicians ... Communication is e asier when you can sort your 4,500 contacts by groups or languages! We use CRM to encode our contributors too: their CVs, the dedicated teams they belong to, etc. Last but not least, we encode our services in product lines: we have about 100 lines, which h elp sort things out, so we can see at a glance which services are most frequently used, which clients are returning, who is new ... How has this impacted your business? Now we can run CompanyWriters from A to Z with the right software. It's a real joy, because this helps us work faster. We always know our current situation and have a clear company strategy. How would y ou describe what your company values most about Odoo? Odoo helps us manage what exists and work towards future goals - no matter where you are in the world.

1.   How Company Writers provides copywriting and business translations CompanyWriters is a co mmunication agency with a team of international, dedicated and well - trained language specialists. They serve small, medium and large businesses, as well as institutional clients. Their core business is copywriting, translation and correction of professiona l text. We talked to Bernadette Pâques, the founder and managing director of CompanyWriters about how Odoo helped them grow their business. Tell us about your company and its business CompanyWriters is a strategic written communication agency serving business and institutional clients. Our team of competent, cosmopolitan, dedicated and well - trained language specialists is committed to quality in everything pertaining to communication consultancy, copywriting, transl ation and correcting professional texts. What challenges did your company face before you implemented Odoo and what were the specific needs addressed by the solution? Two years ago, Company Writers didn't have a customer relationship management or billing system, so we were thinking about this a lot and trying to find a progressive system like Odoo that could fit our needs in terms of customer relationship management, team management, languag e management and billing.


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