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2. The Solution Odoo/OpenERP implementation using core addons and some custom developed module a solution was created providing following functionalities. • Association profile of Odoo/OpenERP for managing memberships • Multi tier accounting for Odoo/OpenERP to manage finance separate yet consolidated as per their structure. • Resource plann ing module to manage reservation and availability of resources like conference halls, speakers and other materials. • Budget management module has been implemented to monitor and manage budget for various activities • Email server integration to send emails in bulk for invitation of events • Automated Recurring payment configuration The Result After implementation of Odoo/OpenERP and desired functionality, Client is now able to manage the resources in more efficient manner. Member management helps t hem managing individual and corporate member separately as a result they can now focus in more balance manner for arranging events.

1. Odoo for Association Management The Company The Textile Association (India) is a non - for - profit organization involved in activities of organizing lectures, seminars, workshops and conferences to disseminate useful information on topics of current interest to different segments of the textile industry. The Challenge The client wants to implement a solution which allows managing process of seminars registration, workshop organization and resource management conference. The real challenge with client was they have state wide head offices acting as a head office for offices in city. State office must have consolidation of all city offices where Central office has to have consolidation of all State offices. The Major requirements were as followed : • Manage TAI Memberships • Resource Management • Activity Organization • Cost Management For Activities • Invites and Letter Management • Recurring Payment Management


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