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1. OpenERP Integration For Hospitality Management Software Customer: DCORP R - KEEPER VIETNAM was established from 2007 in Viet Nam. In the first stage , the core goal of the company is to bring their brand name : R - Keeper (POS) in the field of retail and hospitality system solution consulting widely Europe market to Viet Nam. After five years DCORP R - KEEPER has been taking the pioneer in the following sectors: Providing the software solutions, the integrated system , the IT services Challenges: • Ca rrying out building the OpenERP for one of the top company specializing in providing the hospitality management software. • This sector requires the most professional and flexible knowledge and integral management. • Simplifying the process and reinforcing the operations. • Be always ready for future operations. • Rationalizing the business operations as well as integrating all the business operations in the unique OpenERP. Solutions: • Providing OpenERP solution including the following modules: Sales, Purchase , Stock, CRM, HR, Account, Project, POS. • Boosting the professional level for providing IT solutions in Hospitality management. • Innovating the HR & CRM modules Results • Complete the solution within 1 months • Reduce work load for HR - Staff. • Transparently mapping the HR procedures, Timekeeper machine with Payroll calculation. • Elimination of manual entries and reduction of errors due to human mistakes.


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