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6. developed import module based on out of the box Odoo 8 CSV Import. Multi company - mainly all the customizations been made by Xpansa and RIS are moved out as company settings. The company has business branches (warehouse only, sales, transportation services and accounting) doing different types of business, but the requirement from top management is to keep all the invoices and reporting in one single portal. To sum up, we would say we realized that Odoo 8 Warehouse is a comprehensive solution with very good logic behind it that allowed us to mostly use all the standard functions and architecture of Odoo without any hard-code or tough customizations.

5. What solution was delivered? We developed a mobile solution for Odoo 8 Warehouse that supports out of the box Odoo, any Android mobile device plus special Motorola hardware scanners cute MC40 and professional MC3200 ( ris-belgium/) . Odoo (multi company), Warehouse (product owner, defaulting parameter, default product types and prices), Sale and Purchase were updated by Xpansa and RIS with a light customization since out of the box Odoo 8 warehouse covers 80% of business requirements. Processing of inbound and outbound requests from 3rd party systems via a custom

3. What challenges did the company face before you implemented Odoo and what were the specific needs addressed by the solution? De Rudder made an agreement with a client to manage more than 4,000 products and over 3,000 pallets of goods in the short term. The company had to take into account the growing size of goods and requirements from clients like huge amount of pallets and goods. In particular: • invoicing process • optimizing warehouse space and logistics • simultaneous processing of different owners • speeding up workflows of processing going to/from the warehouse • assignments for corresponding employees and also seasonal workers • additional requirements for mobile app design and usability The company decided to improve all these part of the workflow using Odoo 8 and set a deadline - one month. The most of difficult part was implementing a mobile flexible solution integrated with Odoo 8 Warehouse We need a solution with full processing of inbound/outbound requests from third party software, from different clients and owners of goods. We need to implement a human friendly solution that makes it easy to understand where to put the goods and where are similar goods located while processing inbound requests. ”

9. Subscribe to Odoo Newsletter Get the new blog post directly in your inbox Tweet Tweet 25 26 How has this impacted Derudder's business? Xpansa mERP Warehouse ( + Odoo ERP standardized business processes and allowed to process high volume Supply Chain transactions. All changes and new IT platform were roll out within one calendar month. How would you describe what you value most about Odoo? The great advantage is the comprehensive out-of-the-box solution provided by Odoo 8 Warehouse. It reduces development costs for end customers so you can achieve a lot of goals within a short period of time. You can read another case study from XPANSA and their WWF project here. ( helped-to-grow-with-odoo-188) Subscribe How Confetti became the largest Finnish baking & party supplies shop Odoo Customer Review Miroslava Ganzarcikova (mig) your email...

1. Tweet Tweet 25 26 How De Rudder provides warehouse solutions with Odoo Odoo Customer Review Miroslava Ganzarcikova (mig) February 18, 2015 ∠ Odoo Silver partner Xpansa Group ( together with mERP Platinum partner RIS Belgium ( implemented Odoo solution for big company from Supply Chain Industry - Transport De Rudder ( . The solution based on unique mobile app for Odoo – mERP Warehouse ( . We talked to Dima Lipnitski, Vitaly Eremeev from Xpansa and Kurt Ghekiere from RIS about this project. Tell us about De Rudder and its business The company provides physical warehouse solutions suitable for particular clients. It provides storage, handling and transportation of clients' goods.


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