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1. 2015 · CASE STUDY

3. The Problem DMR was using multiple software solutions to manage different departments of their ecommerce business. This turned out to be inefficient creating data duplication, loss of productivity and more importantly hard to manage the Warehouse, HR, Finance etc. The Right Contact Kazuhiro, Manager of DMR had heard about OpenERP/Odoo and tried to find good players who could help them in integrating Odoo to Magento which was the shopping cart solution they had selected. After some research Kaz contacted Rajesh Mathachan, COO, Confianz to check whether Confianz can help.

4. The Right Conversation The initial conversation between Kazuhiro and Rajesh were productive as Confianz tried to analyze all the pain points DMR is having using their existing infrastructure and Software stack. Once the pain points were defined, Confianz came out with a plan that included the demo of Odoo and Odoo - Magento plugin developed by Confianz. The demo strengthen DMR’s trust that Magento & Odoo is the best route to take. Confianz also provided a work breakdown structure considering the customizations as a fixed price project.

5. Providing A Better Technology Experience After receiving the green signal, Confianz quickly allocated a team and started the development of the project. DMR was given access to Project Management tool ZOHO Projects so that all communications can be streamlined. We had Kazuhiro as the single point of contact from DMR clearing questions for our Technical Lead. The plan was to have daily short meetings as required between Kazuhiro, Karthik and Vinod. Confianz also set up the work in progress on a staging server which DMR could check frequently. Weekly status meetings were held to communicate what is achieved, status of pending items and demoing any specific functionality that requires DMR’s immediate attention.

8. It was such a big challenge for me to replace our decades-old central system with OpenERP, a very sophisticated ERP platform which was totally new to me. However they relieved me from that pressure by answering my hundreds of questions, asking me even more questions that I could not come up with by myself, and having so-detailed live demonstration and hearing sessions via Skype before actually kicking-off the project. Sales persons were never late to reply to my message and always open to discussion, while engineers are incredibly knowledgeable not only about the technology itself but also about practical business operations. They always provided the best solution for each demand taking the great balance of simplicity and functionality. I deeply appreciate their more-than-6-months continuous support and cooperation for bringing this challenging project to a success. No need to mention that I'd repeat to hire them on more jobs as I do know that's always among the best choices, particularly for OpenERP related jobs. “ Kazuhiro Manager, DMR co. ltd Japan

6. Delivering Quality Results In the first two months we completed the base development activities with a focus on quality, design and usability. The product evolved beautifully and Confianz customized the Odoo-Magento plugin to suit their workflow. Six months later, Kazuhiro is a very happy customer with a successful solution that manages their entire business . Confianz continues to maintain and support the solution as Kazuhiro and his company continue to grow their business.

2. E-Commerce Redefined DMR is a large retailer of electronic goods located in Japan. They sell products purchased from US, Europe both physically and via e- commerce website.

7. ― Adding Value ■ Developed maintainable application architecture for scalability ■ Progressive development and quick feature releases ■ Managed the cloud hosting and entire software life cycle ■ Freed DMR resources to focus solely on their business needs. ■ Odoo- Magento solution helped DMR to increase their revenue by 30% ― Contributing factors to project success ■ The DMR management team was onboard and receptive to what Confianz had to say during the entire project lifecycle ■ Developers were given the freedom and encouraged to find the best way to design the system and not the easiest way. ■ Kazuhiro was knowledgeable and provided quick answers to questions from Confianz ■ Most importantly, we built a detailed and actionable plan that ensured a trustworthy technology experience with progressive code releases.

9. UNITED STATES Confianz Global Inc. 423 Beaty Dr. Suite B. 2nd Floor, Belmont, NC 28012 USA INDIA Thejaswini Building, TechnoPark, Trivandrum, Kerala, India Pin: 695582 USA : +1 704 215 4622 INDIA : +91 4713048030 /+Confianzit /Confianz /ConfianzGlobal /Confianz /ConfianzGlobal /company/confianz-information-technologies /Confianz CONNECT CALL : +1 704 215 4622 E-MAIL : sales@confianzit.biz WEB : http://www. confianz it.com


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