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1. How Dreamcolocation provides affordable housing with Odoo Dream Colocation is a company specialized in house sharing and cohousing. They are helping landlords to rent their big properties with several rooms; as well as (mostly young) people looking for housing in a pleasant and affordable environment . We talked to Frederic Sagaer, ICT Manager of Dreamcolocation about how Odoo helped them to grow their business . Watch Video There are lots of reasons we choose to use Odoo. Firstly, Odoo offers a complete package at an unbeatable price. Odoo also offers impressive modularity - with the freedom to separate and recombine different parts in a way that's fast and flexible... I would recommend Odoo because it provides a high standard of technology at a low price. Odoo adapts to our company, working with us by growing as we grow. - Frederic Sagaer, ICT Manager, Dreamcolocation


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