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1.     How Ecoworks delivers technical greening with Odoo “All water has a perfect memory and is forever trying to get back to where it was. ” Toni Morrison Ecoworks specializes in so called "technical greening". They make green roofs, ponds, gardens and other green products. They started in 2006 and the company grew over the years. Currently they are working for private households, big and small businesses an d also for the public sector . We talked to Sander de Kegel, Sales Manager Channels at Ecoworks about how Odoo helped them to grow their business . Watch Video We chose Odoo for many reasons. First, because it's a comprehensive produc t that has reached a good maturity level and that offers an unbeatable value for money. Secondly, Odoo offers an impressive modularity, a great flexibility and a fast implementation... I would recommend Odoo because of its high level of technology and very low price. This allows Odoo to be adapted to the growth of the company and to follow that growth at the same pace. - Sander de Kegel, Sales Manager, Ecoworks


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