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1.       The Company A Europe based toy retailing company having a noticeable online presence. The Challenge The client has their e - commerce platform running on Prestashop with almost 1000+ products categorized in almost 200 around categories and growing. With their growth of online presence they were feeling it really hard to manage it with other system. With no centrally available data regarding incoming / outgoing orders regarding products, it was making it really difficult for them to answer customer qu eries especially in pick seasons like Christmas.

2. As number of customers growing company was also focusing for returning customers with facility to handle them in better manner and make them long term loyal customers. The major requirements were as followed : • Synchronization with online store • Managing Inventory Level • Sales Order Management • Invoicing • Product Delivery Information • Multiple Currency Management • Multiple Domain Management Under One Database The Solution OpenERP/Odoo implementation u sing core addons and some custom developed module a solution was created providing following functionalities. • Integration of OpenERP/Odoo and Prestashop e - commerce platform with facility to integrated product, category, images, sales orders, inventory level. • Centrally data management of products, categories, customers, sales orders, invoices and inventory tracking • Multi domain and multi company management for multiple domain and sub companies • Multi company accounting and sales for managing company wise sales and accounting • Automated purchase order process on lower inventory level as part of inventory management The Result After implementation of OpenERP/Odoo and desired functionality, Client is now able to manage products from one central place for all of their domain and company. Customer support of company has become more efficient now as they have access to all the stock, sales and purchase related data. With all customers’ past purchases in system and analyzed company is now ru nning various marketing activities based on buying activities of customers.  


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