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2. The Solution OpenERP/Odoo implementation using core addons and some custom developed module a solution was created providing following functionalities. • OpenERP/Odoo financial module as per localization requirements. • OpenERP/Odoo Web Kit Report for producing reports in HTML form at. The Result After implementation of OpenERP/Odoo and desired functionality, client was able to use system to manage all their financial data in quick and easy manner, with ability to produce various reports as per their format.

1.     Odoo for Financial Management The Company An East Asia based manufacturing company, with major focus on exports. The Challenge The client want to implement such a flexible financial system which allows them to handle all their financial data in flexible and easy manner with ability to produce various financial reports based on multiple parameters. The client also wanted to have localization for their country to be implemented with complex tax and financial requirement. The Major requirem ents were as followed: • Localization as per country’s financial regulation • Reporting for Multi Company Environment • Report based on parameters • Customizable Report Format • Report formatting with CSS and HTML output


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