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2. The Solution OpenERP/Odoo implementation using core addons and some custom developed module a solution was created providing following functionalities. • OpenERP/Odoo Project management module for managing projects • Integration with Redmine to manage more detailed and code level development tracking • Odoo/OpenERP HR Timesheet module to manage the cost of resource • Financial module integrated with project management helped in tracking new and to be invoiced activities of project • Custom module providing facility to track the availability and work load of resource helped in tracking and allocation of work • Project Cost Monitoring is also implemented using accounting utilities The Result After implementation of OpenERP/Odoo and desired functionality, Client is now able to track and invoice the task and projects more efficiently. Cost monitoring helped in analyze the estimated cost and actual cost, which results in better financial decision and more precise RFQ for repeat and new customers. A resource efficiency report helps in determining dependability on resource resulted in better resource allocation for projects.

1.       Odoo For Software Company The Company The Europe based software and web Development Company handles software and web development across the globe with developer residing on onshore as well as off shore places. The Challenge The client wanted an end - to - end solution which helps in managing the entire project execution track with cost, people and effort involvement. Managing constant change request of project and tracking new and to be invoiced are one of the issue they want to overcome using the sy stem. The Major requirements were as followed: • Project Cost Management • Resource Allocation Management • Customized Reporting • Resource Management


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