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1. Kinetic Elevators The Company Kinetic Elevators has a main manufacturing unit of Elevators, Escalators and lifting devices in Ahmadabad, and distribution and services office in 10 different states of India. The Challenge The client want to implement an end to end solution to track the progress from quote to manufacturing to invoicing with ability to maintain the best practiced customer relationship management and maintenance contracts for the products delivered. As an elevator manufacturer c ompany also has to keep track of building’s built up data as per government norms and need to provide report on any kind of changes time to time. • Financial Accounting with different service offices • Sales Management as per custom business process • Manu facturing tracking and scheduling

2. • Site maintenance and contracts • Service Management • Cost Monitoring The Solution OpenERP/Odoo implementation using core addons and some custom developed module a solution was created providing following functionalities. • OpenERP/Odoo financial module customization for multi branch made it possible to handle financial data on per branch basis • Customization in workflow of OpenERP/Odoo sales module helped in achieve custom sales process • Manufacturing mo dule implementation with capabilities of tracking the progress on demand • Custom developed contract management module with functionality of tracking contracts and related activities • Product and BOM customization helped in achieve desired product structure • Indian localization module for tracing Excise Duty The Result After implementation of OpenERP/Odoo and desired functionality, the decision process has become more efficient. Online and Ontime financial data tracking helped in better financia l planning and expansion. Finally they were able to focus more on business expansion and better customer management. Kinetic Elevators


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