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2. Results • Successfully replaced Oracle Business Suite with OpenERP. • Departments from multi - locations can use the ERP as it was deployed using the hosted model • Elimination of manual entries and reduction of errors due to human mistakes. • Better accounting practices, fully compliant with Vietnam Accounting Standard. • Improved financial control, gained visibility into the organization with financial and management accounting functionality.

1. OpenERP Integration for Fertilizer & Chemical manufacturing company Customer Lamthao Fertilizers & Chemicals Joint - stock Company is one of leading manufacturing fertilizers & chemicals company in Vietnam with nearly 3000 employees. It has a widely distribution network which spreads over many provinces and cities in Vietnam. Challenge • To provide an improved system for sales & logistics process in replacement of current 5 - year using system(Oracle ) • To integrate information of sales and logistic into one system • To customize logistic module to meet client’s specific procedure • To give solution for unsolved problems in existing system • To expand the system for users in its branch • No available tool for supporting information integration, most of the operat ions were manually logged Solutions • Provide an OpenERP solution including the following modules: Sales, Logistics, Accounting, Warehouse & HR • Customize and improvement sales and logistic module to replace the existing one • Develop new module for logistics to meet client’s specific procedure in managing shipping plan, locations, logistics suppliers, price rules • Complete almost 70 reports with different filter criteria • Fill data from system onto client’s available invoice and transportation form • Improve accou nting module. • Migrate data from Oracle Business Suite.


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