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1. How ENA saved hundreds of thousands of euros thanks to Odoo We saved hundreds of thousands of euros thanks to Odoo . - Didier Georgieff (CIO, ENA ) Management of payments, office paperwork, registrations, lessons ... The National School of Administration (ENA) built a model of its comp lete operations using the open source software . This interview was conducted during the Open CIO Summit. Due to the structure of the organisation, ENA’s chose open source management software Odoo - a tool that the Chief Information Officer was able to adap t to ENA’s needs. “ Getting the school to reorganise because of the implementation of a new system was out of question ”, says Didier Georgieff, Chief Information Officer at the ENA. “ We went the opposite way. We developed the system based on Odoo, which was set up to adapt to the school’s strategy, working method and specifications. ” Lessons integration, registration, management of payments, management of office documents (using Open Document format) and more. An integrator helped Georgieff to build a model of ENA's activity through the ERP. “ The licensing fees that we would have had to pay if we had chosen a proprietary software would have possibly cost several hundreds of thousands of euros ”, according to Georgieff. He highlighted the advantages of the open source model in terms of agility, explaining “ Odoo is in constant evolution, but is also very appealing for the school thanks to its lower costs in comparison with its proprietary opponents. It even gave us the ability to quickly offer working mockups to users. ” - Journal Du Net


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