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Organize yourself with efficient to-do lists and notes. From personal ta sk collaborative meeting minutes, you can increase the productivity of your employees by giving them the right tools to prioritize their work, share their ideas and collaborate on documents.

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1. Try now! Get Your Work Done Organize your time with notes and to-do lists. No credit card required. Instant Access. Open Source. .odoo.com 50,000+ companies use Odoo to grow their business. Join 2,000,000 users and take your business to the next level. ! Start Your Free Trial (/page/start?app=note) Notes Getting things done with notes (https://www.openerp.com/saas_master/demo? lang=en_US&module=website_event) Online Demo Organize yourself with efficient to-do lists and notes. From personal tasks to collaborative meeting minutes, you can increase the productivity of your employees by giving them the right tools to prioritize their work, share their ideas and collaborate on documents. Personal to-do lists that work Create an online to-do list in your desired format. Quickly create to-dos, organize horizontally for the mid-term (today, this week, this month,..) prioritize vertically for the short term and group them by assigning specific colors to specific tasks. The kanban approach gives you a simple visual organization of your to-do lists. your-company-name

2. Beat Work Overload Odoo's online to-do list software helps you to stay organized and to keep all your important notes in a structured and accessible system. No more pressure on your memory skills to remember all deadlines and facts and actions that need to be done - use notes to Get Things Done (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Getting_Things_Done) . Prioritize Efficiently Most people are lost in the flow of urgent daily tasks and have difficulties to work on important, long-term tasks. Notes gives you a simple way to allocate time every day to do important, but less urgent tasks. Find Motivation to Close Tasks Great feature to improve your project management skills - keep your to-do lists updated, both with short-terrm and long-term tasks and cross out tasks that are done. You can add and remove tasks on the go. Customize your notes and to-do lists Improve your work flow Smart kanban view of Odoo's Notes allows every user to customize their own steps in order to process their to-do lists and notes. You can choose a template or create your own steps/stages of the process. Creative Person A creative person will organize notes based on idea's maturity level: Draft Ideas Mature Ideas Specified To Do Frequent Traveler An employee travelling a lot can organize their tasks based on the context to perform the task U.S. Office London's Office To Review during Flights At Home Manager Manager can organize high number of tasks based on prioritizations To-do Today This Week This Month Later

4. Powered by Odoo (http://www.odoo.com/page/website-builder) , the #1 Open Source eCommerce (http://www.odoo.com/page/e-commerce) Copyright © Odoo S.A. Thu Nov 06 2014 (http://twitter.com/CesarBustios/status/530186649955598337) César Bustíos B. @CesarBustios (https://twitter.com/CesarBustios) I'm in a journey implementing #Odoo (http://twitter.com/search?q=Odoo) in my company! Learning on the way, creating new modules, updarimg some other. It's awesome \o/ Mon Nov 03 2014 (http://twitter.com/jgrandguillaume/status/529328192063303680) Joël Grand-Guillaume @jgrandguillaume (https://twitter.com/jgrandguillaume) Hard testing and usage of the new #WMS (http://twitter.com/search? q=WMS) in #Odoo (http://twitter.com/search?q=Odoo) today for the design of transport mgmt module. @Odoo (http://twitter.com/Odoo) congrats it's working soo well ! Fri Oct 17 2014 &لكب"! &ل("ب' @eghippo #Odoo (http://twitter.com/search?q=Odoo) a package of functionality and user experience I did not think possible! Big names should worry. Fully Integrated with Odoo Apps Get hundreds of open source apps for free (/page/project-management) Project Management Enable your project right way Step by step get work done. (/page/live-chat) Live Chat Engage directly with your website visitors to attract leads and boost online sales. (/page/business-intelligence) Business Intelligence Design your dashboards, setup KPIS, slice and dice on your cubes (/page/website-builder) Website Builder Get an awesome enterprise website. Fully customizable and SEO friendly. Try now! Try now & organize your notes ! No credit card required. Instant Access. Open Source. .odoo.com your-company-name

3. Personal Notes Private notes that can be shared Write down your ideas in pads and keep your notes at your fingertips. You can attach related documents and use tags and colors to organize the information. Once your ideas are mature, you can share them with other users, start a discussion and collaborate by improving the specification directly in the pad. Collaborative Meeting Minutes Real-time sharing and editing of notes "Notes" also offers you a great tool for real-time collaborative minutes taking. Attendees of the meeting are able to contribute to the minutes, attach important documents or discuss the ideas on the related thread. Every pad has a clean and understandable structure - comments of each user are written in a specific colour, so it's easy for everyone to see who wrote which comments/ideas. 2 million users run their business with Odoo (http://twitter.com/FaizanN/status/567293179406213121) (https://twitter.com/FaizanN) (http://twitter.com/search?q=Odoo) / #OpenERP (http://twitter.com/search?q=OpenERP) is pretty awesome with a lot of features for modern financial system.. My search is over to find a good ERP Sat Feb 07 2015 (http://twitter.com/mgielissen/status/564212822771765248) Mario Gielissen @mgielissen (https://twitter.com/mgielissen) BioInsight: beautiful website build with #Odoo (http://twitter.com/search? q=Odoo) CMS http://t.co/BydDjkh3x9 (http://t.co/BydDjkh3x9) Wed Feb 04 2015 (http://twitter.com/Odoo/status/562989789709103104) Odoo @Odoo (https://twitter.com/Odoo) Save the date for #Odoo (http://twitter.com/search?q=Odoo) in Belgium! Registrations will be open soon, stay tuned! http://t.co/kZpIrzJmnP (http://t.co/kZpIrzJmnP) (http://twitter.com/antoinedre/status/557901724342820864) (https://twitter.com/antoinedre) ... It helped me a lot Tue Jan 06 2015 (http://twitter.com/Qurat_ul_anne/status/552408354786926592) Evil Anne @Qurat_ul_anne (https://twitter.com/Qurat_ul_anne) @Odoo (http://twitter.com/Odoo) - incredible software. Each app is beautifully developed and designed!! #opensource (http://twitter.com/search? q=opensource) #odoo (http://twitter.com/search?q=odoo) Fri Dec 12 2014 (http://twitter.com/Frederic_C2C/status/543425595645120512) Frédéric Clementi @Frederic_C2C (https://twitter.com/Frederic_C2C) @Odoo (http://twitter.com/Odoo) I wish to thank you guys for this excellent fix and how quick you responded http://t.co/CgsBmTyMZp (http://t.co/CgsBmTyMZp)


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