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Located in Thailand, Dwight Martin is the president of eSTAR Foundation. He is an Odoo online customer since April 2015.

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1. How Publish2Day is growing with Odoo Located in Thailand, Dwight Martin is the president of eSTAR Foundation. He is an Odoo online customer since April 2015. He accepted to answer to our questions during a nice video call. Here is his journey.

6. How wo uld you describe what Publish2Day value most with Odoo? It was a complete system which is integrated (CRM with Sales,...) and it made s ense, I can understand it. Even before having the customization done, when we were starting to use it, it just made sense! It's all there, very easy to use. It works with all our processes. It fulfills our needs. We could not be doing what we do without it . I'm really happy with it.

2. Tell us about the foundation and its activities Our company eSTAR Foundation is a non - profit company and we provide, in several areas, statistics, training and resources. It's all internet based except for the teachers' program. For the "resources" part, we created Publish2Day in May 2014 to print books on demand. We print thousands of books or other type of documents for many different customers. It's for Publish2Day management that we use Odoo.

3. What challenges did the company face before they imp lemented Odoo, and what were the specific needs addressed by the solution? We've been doing digital resources and we got into what we call "print on demand". "Print on demand" is printing books, but only one or two books at the time. When someone order s omething, we want to be able to offer a nice book but we have to control the whole process. So if you don't have any process software involved, it can be very unmanageable very quickly. When we started that business a couple of years ago, it was getting o ut of control. When someone was ordering a book, we had no system to actually process the orders. We made many "repeated actions" like creating a quotation and then we'd go ahead and print an order, and then print an invoice and then we'd create a receipt. .. and then we had to start all over again every time we had to do document! Another challenge was the lack of metrics reports. We didn't have any sort of it. It was difficult to say how much sales we had this month for example, because it was just unmanag eable.

4. What solution was delivered? Actually it all started when I was looking for a Contact system/CRM, that's how I found Odoo. I started playing around with it and I thought "Wow this does a lot more than just a CRM system, it does everything for us!". So we started with the CRM/Sales modules. Then we had some custom programming to do for things specifically for book printing. Recently, I've started with the Odoo CMS and e - commerce applications. I've created the new website but I haven't really pr omoted it yet. I still have 50 books to add to the e - commerce before making it live. We don't want to have a big inventory of all of these books. Therefore, people can just order themselves what they need and the e - commerce is a convenient way to order it. Also, we ask to some of the customers we print for, if we can make their work available on the website for others. They usually agree as long as they get some royalties. To just compute the royalties that I have to pay, I quickly run the reports in Odoo a nd I calculate the royalties very easily. Seeing all that I've already created for the website using the Odoo website builder, is very impressive!

5. How had this impacted the business? We use Odoo since April 2015. On top of my head I don't recall figu res but I have a funny anecdote. My wife is the bookkeeper of the foundation, she's the one that keep track of the finances, she goes "I don't have a job anymore!". :) Odoo does so much for us! Where before she used to make the different documents manually . When I asked here what's the report for this month, she had to spend hours trying to figure out. Now I just push the button and there it is! When you think of the concept "print on demand", in a regular print shop, you would normally print a minimum of 1000 books. Because of all the work involved with printing a book, is too cost prohibitive to do one book. With the system we have we can do one book but where it gets difficult is keeping track of that sale for that one book and all the different steps. W ith Odoo we got rid of that limitation. It makes it very easy to say "Oh one book is no problem" because we put into Odoo the figures and "boom" (snipping fingers) everything else is just tracked! Whereas when you had to think "I've got this order now, I g ot to manually do it and go through all the steps" - it was way too difficult. Every day, we open the system, we see what orders have been done through the internet and then we schedule the prints to make for the day. I expect to grow, and we would neve r be able to grow without a system like Odoo. Without Odoo we would have to hire more people just to make the paperwork. The making (of printing a book) is not a problem but keeping track of all the records was a problem before Odoo came along.


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