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2. Results • Complete the solution within 1 months • Reduce work load for HR - Staff. • Transparently mapping the HR procedures, Timekeeper machine with Payroll calculation. Elimination of manual entries and reduction of errors due to human mistakes.

1. OpenERP Integration for Maritime Service Company Customer Founded in 1986, operating in the shipping, shipbuilding and offshore industries in Vietnam, SAMASER is always an pioneer with their experienced and passionate staff. Challenge • Green field implementation to a company that had never used an ERP solution. • Solution for managing the import product as well as domestic product • Choose supplier automation based on complex criteria • Calculate cost/sales price based on complex criteria • Need a solution for auto assigning, auto calculation KPI for employee, supliers assessment Solutions • Provide an OpenERP solution including the following modules: Sales, Purchase, Warehouse, Services, HRM & Payroll and accounting • Customize sales solution for auto assigning PIC based on the KPI • Add more service module for management customer asset, manage expired maintenance date of asset, issue the certificate for the service.


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