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2. What solution was delivered? We implemented Odoo 8 for Serge Boulard to handle accounting and to manage the inventory, shipping, receiving and billing process. We also integrated bar coding and we made some minor adjustments to meet their requirements. How has this impacted the business? Serge Boulard has improved productivity by eliminating double entries. The use of scanners has also improv ed data entry. The next step in to create a website which will facilitate the maintenance of products and price lists. How would you describe what you, as a client manager, value most about Odoo? The ease of use, the integration of its modules and the we bsite and the ease of customization.

1. How Serge Boulard grew their business since 1979 I participated actively to the implementation process. I find it so easy to use and so powerfull. Now I can control my system and spend less time on it and more trying to find new customers and improve existing selling tools. - Eric Boulard, President of Serge Boulard Tell us about the company and the business Serge Boulard has been in the business s ince 1979. They sell fishing material across Canada and they have more than 5,000 products. Prior to Odoo, they were using old DOS software. What challenges did Serge Boulard face before you implemented Odoo and what were the specific needs addressed by th e solution? They were doing many duplicate entries. The software was hard to use and it was hard to train new employees to use it. They wanted something simple and efficient.


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