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1. OpenERP Integration for Tej as Alloys Company Customer 29 year old custom machining company located near San Antonio, TX (Geronimo, TX between Seguin and San Marcos) is looking for CNC Lathe or CNC Mill Machinists with 2+ years machining experience Challenge • Customer want to re - build ERP system that cover the following module: • Sales • Purchase • Manufacturing • Warehouse Solutions • Provide an OpenERP solution including the following modules: Sales, Purchase, Manufacturing, Warehouse modules • Customize all module according to company process, also provide ideas for changing process based on OpenERP standard process Results • Efficiency in end - to - end business processes by streamlining the internal and external operations. • Improved decision making through achievement of data integrity and real - time reporting. • Better inventory control by eliminating manual processes and by improving inventory accuracy. • Improved monitoring, managing, and controlling of • primary sales data. • Optimized production control by facil itating efficient.


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