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3. How has this impacted United Mobile Solutions' business? After the customizing the Warehouse module, it became easy for UMS to track regular inventory and to manage their sales, purchases and distribution without any pain. With some website developments, UMS increased its online sales and, overall, order managem ent became simpler with the Odoo integration. United Mobile Solutions can now smoothly manage they return merchandise system with Odoo's RMA module.  

1.         H ow United Mobile Solutions incr eased its online sales           “ It has been a great pleasure working with the Odoo Partner Bista Solutions. Their Offshore Team was easily accessible throughout the development. Our problems have been resolved in a timely manner, and if needed, we would use them again going forward. ” Johnson Tran, Implementation Manager, UMS    

2. Odoo Gold partner Bista Sol utions has implemented Odoo for many clients. United Mobile Solutions is one of their happy customers, Implementation Manager Johnson Tran, explains. Tell us about United Mobile Solutions an d its business United Mobile Solutions UMS is a leading telecom solutions provider in the United States. They are a well known distributor of mobile devices and phone services. What challenges did the company face before they implemented Odoo and what specific needs were addressed by the solution? UMS had three important challenges. The company's main business involves product distribution and it was becoming difficult for them to manage their warehouse system. Secondly, the company was looking for a better way to manage the handling of returns and damaged products. And lastly, UMS had a website created using Magento. The company needed some developments (an e - commerce) to allow them to start selling online and integrate it to our ERP software. What solution was delivered? Bista Solutions helped UMS with customizing the Warehouse & Inventory management system according to their business needs including Odoo Sales & Odoo Purchase modules. Bista also integrated their Magento website with Odoo and helped UMS with developing an RMA (Return Merchandise Authorization) module in Odoo to connect to their website.


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